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We’ll Go The Distance For You

We Are Passionate Trial Attorneys Dedicated To Serving Accident Victims

An accident can change your life forever – and it all happens in an instant. You may be left wondering what will happen to your home, your family, your career and your quality of life. You need answers, and you need someone on your side. That’s why you need to contact our law firm.


Traumatic Brain Injury in Car Crash at Dangerous Intersection


Verdict - Ankle & Foot Fracture from Falling Tree at Apartment


Wrongful Death from Recurring Cancer Post Auto Crash


Verdict – Dangerous Condition of Public Property – Ankle Fracture


Dangerous Roadway and Car Design - Spine Injury


Verdict - Auto Accident Injury Case


Gross Recovery for Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress


Verdict - Pedestrian Accident Case


Ankle Injury on Faulty Seating at Circus


Verdict – Neck Injury in T-Bone Auto Crash


Detached Retina from Defective Exercise Band


Back Injury in Semi vs Semi Rear-End Crash


Tenants Exposed to Poor Living Conditions


Neck Injury From Semi vs. Auto T-Bone Crash


Shooting Injury at Dangerous Shopping Center

At Ardalan & Associates, we’re dedicated to helping people in Los Angeles County and throughout California through some of the darkest moments of their lives. Over the years, we’ve advocated for more than a thousand victims and recovered tens of millions in damages. When we take a case, our mission is to make our clients whole and make our community safer by holding those who cause harm accountable.

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Why We Care

Injury doesn’t discriminate. People from all walks of life suffer catastrophic injuries and lose loved ones every day, and often, someone else’s negligence is to blame. That’s not fair.  It’s not right. It’s why we fight.

Whether you were hurt in a car accident or due to the negligence of a business or property owner, you need a dedicated personal injury lawyer on your side.

We Represent Truck Accident Victims

Big-rig trucks are all over the roads and highways of the Los Angeles area, and motorists share the road with them every day. Those larger vehicles can do huge amounts of damage in the event of a crash – which is why truck drivers and trucking companies are held to high legal standards. When they don’t meet those standards and people are hurt, we hold them accountable.

Truck accidents represent special legal challenges. Multiple insurance companies. Cases that cross state lines. Teams of defense attorneys. You can rely on our top-rated legal team to meet those challenges.

Why You Need a Trial Lawyer

We’re trial lawyers. That means we prepare every single case we handle as though it’s going to court. It means we conduct thorough research and take a hard line in negotiations, because we’re not willing to give up the biggest leverage you have over the insurance company: the chance to have your case heard before a judge and jury.

In many cases, that means the insurance company is willing to offer a fair settlement that pays for the full cost of your injury in order to avoid facing us at trial. But if not, we’re prepared to fight for as long as it takes to get the compensation you need to rebuild your life.

Other attorneys turn to us to handle their biggest, toughest cases. Start here. We’ll fight for you from day one and stand up for you all the way to trial.

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