Our Case Results

At Ardalan & Associates, PLC, we specialize in handling big cases. Our attorneys work with clients during their darkest times — after catastrophic injuries or losing loved ones. Often, other law firms refer their clients to us to maximize their recoveries in these large cases.

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some of our most successful case results.

$4,600,000.00* — Post-Verdict recovery in premises liability involving falling tree

Premises Liability — post-verdict gross recovery — mother and daughter injured by falling tree limb in front of their apartment complex with fractures to ankles and legs.

$4,300,000.00* — Verdict in truck accident injury case

Recovery for passenger in a work van who had leg amputated after her co-worker fell asleep behind the wheel and collided with a semi-truck illegally stopped on the freeway.

$4,000,000.00* – Wrongful death recovery

Recovery for the wrongful death of a postal worker who died from stage 4 breast cancer, which had been caused by catastrophic injuries suffered when she was struck by a garbage truck.

$3,100,000.00* Verdict in premises liability case

Verdict against City of Los Angeles and adjacent business owner for pothole at end of driveway causing a fractured ankle

$2,750,000.00* — Recovery for Spine Injury

Dangerous Roadway/Product Liability — Recovery for a 19-year-old girl who was a rear seated passenger of vehicle that went off a ravine. She sustained a fractured lumbar spine due to a defective roadway and a defective seatbelt design.

$2,700,000.00* — Verdict in auto accident injury case

Verdict for a mother whose 31-year-old daughter was killed in auto accident and post-traumatic stress injuries to passenger.

$2,500,000.00* — Gross recovery for negligent infliction of emotional distress

Emotional Distress — gross recovery for negligent infliction of emotional distress for husband’s solicitation to murder wife.

$2,100,000.00* — Verdict in pedestrian accident case

Pedestrian Accident — Verdict for 25-year-old UCLA grad student who suffered a fractured foot when a car jumped the curb and struck her on the sidewalk.

$1,700,000.00* – Recovery for injured mother

Recovery for a mother who broke her ankle when bleacher seating broke at a circus event.

$1,504,000.00* — Verdict for injured TSA Agent

Injured TSA Agent — Verdict on $250k open policy for injured TSA agent in auto accident with a herniated disc in his neck resulting in a cervical fusion

$1,475,000.00* — Verdict in premises liability involving slip and fall

Recovery for 52-year-old woman who slipped and fell on water at an apartment complex causing a herniated disc.

$1,375,000.00* – Recovery for dental malpractice

Recovery for a minor exposed to excessive amounts of lidocaine during a dental procedure resulting in seizures.

$1,300,000.00* – Recovery from negligent landlord

Recovery for 13 tenants who were subjected to deplorable living conditions.

$1,200,000.00* — Verdict for negligent shooting

Negligence for shooting a BB gun and striking a child in the eye, causing partial blindness.

$1,200,000.00* — Verdict for injured IT director

Injured IT Director — Verdict on $100k open policy for injured IT director who had lumbar extrusion and got back surgery.

$1,100,000.00* – Recovery in truck accident case

Recovery for a mechanic who sustained a neck injury resulting in a fusion when a semi-truck ran a stop sign, striking his pickup truck.

$1,000,000.00v – Recovery in a motorcycle accident case

Recovery for a 23-year-old motorcyclist who suffered fractures in his leg and wrist when struck by motorist who failed to yield to oncoming traffic before turning left.

$1,000,000.00* — Recovered — Police Negligence

Police Negligence — Recovery from San Diego Sheriff’s Department for negligent discharge of firearm injuring a mother at her home during a search causing scarring and minor neuropathy.

$1,000,000.00* — Verdict in automobile accident

Automobile Accident — Recovery for mother who suffered nerve injury to her eye in a broadside auto accident.

$1,000,000.00* — Verdict in fatal trucking accident case

Trucking Accident — Verdict for the immigrant mother of a 22-year-old who died in an auto accident in Bakersfield.

$1,000,000.00* — Verdict in motorcycle accident

Motorcycle Accident — Recovery for 23-year-old who suffered fractures to his wrist and leg when struck by an auto making an illegal left turn.

$650,000* — Settlement in premises liability case

Slip & Fall — Recovery for a 78-year-old woman who tripped on the edge of a concrete pad due to negligence by Los Angeles County.