Distracted Driving: Self-Driving Cars Not San Fernando Valley’s Primary Risk

Many San Fernando motorists will likely be surprised at the rapidity with which self-driving cars will begin to appear regularly on California highways over the next few years. One of the primary reasons is simple: They have already proven safer than distracted, fatigued and preoccupied motorists who too often disobey traffic laws and seldom have […]

AAA Study Shows Danger in Infotainment

Infotainment Systems Contribute to Distracted Driving AAA recently released a new study investigating the growing trend of infotainment systems in new vehicles. These are installed systems which provide interactive tools for drivers and passengers, such as Bluetooth phone use, on-screen navigation, or social media updates. While these systems are incredibly convenient, they may also contribute […]

The Importance of Car Seat Safety

Car Seats Are Not Child’s Play The Importance of Car Seat Safety How hard could it be? Harder than you think. Sure, a child’s car seat looks like just another piece of new and shiny baby gear, but it really is a sophisticated piece of safety engineering. And proper installation sometimes can make the nervous […]