Testimonials: Find Out How Our Lawyers Have Helped Others

Here at Ardalan & Associates, we win cases by listening to our clients’ stories and telling them as our own. We’re passionate about restoring people’s dignity, advocating for their rights and making our community safer.

Here’s what some of our clients and referral partners have to say about the difference we’ve made for them.

If you want a dignified honest hardworking trial attorney stick with Mr. Ardalan and his lovely wife Mrs. Ardalan. They will guide you through the confusing lawsuit process. I’m very pleased with my settlement and overall experience of my case. Thank you Ardalan & Associates!!

-Sara M.

There are times in life that one cannot expect the best in a given situation. On the day that I took the stand, my freedom was in jeopardy and it was fought for by P. Christopher Ardalan. His passion, skills, affection and above all, the friendship he gave my family will be treasured for life.

-Ken M.

I had a good experience with Ardalan & Associates, PLC and his staff was very helpful. Christopher gave me assurance the whole time and I was confident with him throughout the whole case. He was informative and answered all of my questions. He was easily accessible and made me feel as if he put his own life on hold to research my case. He went the extra mile to be prepared for trial and I was happy with the results of my case.

-David F.

I felt like he was my warrior during my trial. He was excellent in his knowledge of law and his investigative work. From the first day, I had complete faith in his ability to represent me and knew that he would do the right thing for me. In the courtroom, everyone liked him – the bailiff, the jury, the court reporter, and the judge. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

-Laurie M.

Chris was referred to me by a good, trusted friend with respect to a legal issue I had. It was the best thing that could have happened. His talent, charisma, knowledge and diligence lead to a favorable ruling in the courthouse in front of a jury. The extent to which he ‘beat’ the other attorneys was so evident that many of the people in the courtroom commented on his abilities. Others asked for his card if they ever were in need of his services. I feel fortunate that I found an attorney that turned into a trusted friend and confidant. Chris’ talents are considerable.

-Erik D.

He is well versed beyond his years. He is one of the best attorneys that I have seen practicing. He really cares about his clients and the practice of law. I would refer a case to him in a heartbeat. He is a great guy and a good friend. He can find the answer to your question quickly.

-Jeff Gordon, Attorney at Law

Chris Ardalan is the perfect mixture of a rare combination: he displays the tenacity of an aggressive litigator and trial lawyer with the compassion and caring of a decent human being. His raw talent and keen intellect are rivaled only by his dedication, loyalty and commitment to his clients. I trust his judgment and abilities as a lawyer implicitly, which is why I never hesitate to refer to him any person in need of his services.

-David M. deRubertis, Attorney at Law

I was involved in a not-at-fault automobile accident, and when injuries started to arise I knew I needed an attorneys. I hired Mr. Geoff Hickey upon a referral from a friend, and he did not disappoint. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and professionalism. He had other cases to tend to, but he always returned my calls in a timely fashion. I never felt neglected which I appreciated. He was really patient in answering all of my questions, and he never hesitated to inform me of any important changes that would affect my case.

In the end I was very pleased the way Geoff handled my case, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for representation.

-Renee B.

I was represented by Geoffrey S. Hickey in an automobile accident. I was well represented and my rights were protected. My attorney was much more that a member of the Bar. He was my trusted representative and I felt not only like a client but a member of the family. I would recommend Geoffrey Hickey to anyone who needs an attorney.

-John D.

I was in an automobile accident on 12/8/13. I was a passenger in a car on the 605 Fwy. North heading toward the CITY OF HOPE due to my niece who was getting a stem cell transplant for her Bone Marrow Cancer. My oldest nephew was driving in the fast lane and I had noticed very little traffic however the car which was about 6 cars ahead of us very little traffic was not moving fast. That was my last recollection before I had passed out. We crashed right into that truck and the car I was in was totaled. When I came to I was told the driver in that car was not there apparently he abandoned the car to go after his dog.

I was referred to Mr. Ardalan through an attorney I did business with in the past. Mr Ardalan called me up and had sent his assistant directly to me while I was hospitalized for that week. She took a report and pictures As much as this accident was very painful for me. Ardalan and Assoc. through his assistant had

been extremely helpful to me all during the year of my getting back to a better health. Whenever I had to call them I ALWAYS received a return call back within a reasonable amount of time. And we all know how difficult this is lately with any service.

I was so pleased that I personally had written Mr. Ardalan and told him so. He wrote me back and said how appreciative of my letter.

I would highly recommend ARDALAN & ASSOC. to anyone who had this need. I believe they specialize in PERSONAL INJURY cases which makes using their service much easier.


-Elvira M.

First… I’ll start off by saying if you’re looking them up you’re already interested….. Stick with them!!!! I was with Chris and Hon. They are absolutely amazing!!! Chris is the best you will find. You are not just a client or a number for him. You’re real, a person that has gone through rough times and moments and they see that. He fights for you with everything he has. I was nervous from the start but they both made it easier. Took the time to walk the process and explain it all. I’m beyond happy with the results of my case that has had the biggest positive change for my life. I can’t say it enough that I’m grateful to have had them defending me and couldn’t see myself with any other firm! Check them out. There’s no need to look any other place.

-Elizabeth H.